We sing for you some of the songs we have learnt during the Summer Term of 2022.

Oi Khodyt Son Kolo Vikon Arr. Jake Alexander Trad. Ukrainian Lullaby,  said to have inspired George Gershwin to write “Summertime”. 

Veloma Masina By Lala SimpsonThe lyrics for this song are in Malagasy. It is pronounced “ve-lu-ma ma-si-neh”   Translation: May you stay alive and retain the essence of who you are ‘til we meet again. 

Yal Asmar Ellon arr. Edward Torikian  Hey, Beautiful Dark One! A traditional Syrian song   

A recent recording of the English Folk Song John Bull. Recording on 9th June and released on Making Music Day 21st June 2022.

Here we are at the Quad in Derby, with Frances inviting the audience to join in with A Drop of Nelson’s Blood    KCM at Quad

On 25 March 2018, Kaleidoscope Community Choir performed a Georgian song, Heya moli at the Community Choirs Festival in Stratford. Follow this link to hear and see us performing.

And here we are in 2017 at the same festival,  performing 2 songs with the Tutbury Local Vocals.  Svatba is a Bulgarian song, and Change was written by our then leader, Willow Songsmith.

It’s been many years since we recorded our 2 CDs under our previous director, Beth de Lange.  Although the CDs are no longer available,  here are some samples for you to enjoy.



Down in the River to Pray